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>> they have to acknowledge it but also donald trump is more distant from the white house so we could except these conspiracy theories, senator tom cotton as early as february of 2020 talking about, i want to make sure i get this right, he says we also know a few miles away from the food market is china's only biosafety super laboratory researchers human infectious diseases is a possibility it could have come from there and then you have headlines like this one from the washington post, tom cotton repeat coronavirus conspiracy theory already debunked in the new york, times, life is busy theories force and why it matters and you are obviously attacked as well, you still haven't apologized are retracted for making reckless statements around this but i want to know, why did the u.s. media automatically just leave the chinese communist party and world health organization that works in proxy with that government over a sitting senator and president they have intelligence to say otherwise? we all have a war on excellence. lexi was pretty bad and he is getting hit for it. six 100%. >> speaking of katrina, do you remember brief president bush got? >> joe, while there has been some new information, the story hasn't gotten so much more credible, it's just that the media group has decided to become public, they have to acknowledge it. Dan Bongino Signs Deal to Host New Saturday Primetime Show at 10 PM/ET; Radio Show to Now Stream on FOX Nation. no. the bottom line from what joe is talking about, trump is on the mind of the democrat and left-wing media. this man attorney is going to plenty of filing a lawsuit as well, talk about the school specifically, which we know the way to school has dealt with bullying in the past? there might be people who weren't even around anymore who had information so it's really hard. >> the numbers are crazy there's a survey, 47% said they experienced a weekly burnout, 56% of in person workers. Noelle Watters filed for divorce in October after learning her husband, Jesse Wattersco-host of Fox News' The Five and host of Watters' World was sleeping with a 25-year-old producer,. The diverse all-star cast will discuss and debate the biggest stories happening around the world and in your backyard. she never got to 2020 project dropped out before one vote was cast because she simply not very likeable and just doesn't have that authenticity gene. what happened? welcome back to the big saturday show. that last and nervous laugh is when she know she's in trouble. because you are greater than your bipolar 1, and you can help take control of your symptoms - with vraylar. Premiering Saturday, March 6th on FOX News Channel. it's not going to last. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. look at that. goodness, we have to be courteous. especially big cities like new york or really anywhere. i will say this, what frustrates me as we got done earlier talking about a segment on mental health and bullying and true mental health issues young people are facing so it bothers me when young people who are, lazy say they have mental health issues not wanting to go to w work, a mental health issue, if you being lazy. >> they are would be a lot of giggling then. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. they have to stand up and say they are not going to tolerate violence. vraylar treats depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar 1 in adults. president biden is determined to reinstate it and make it stronger. chris? >> is this idea that there are reports the biden administration i have used 400,000-dollar missile to shoot down a 12-dollar balloon, northern illinois bottlecap balloon brigade, one of their balloons went missing. this is a sign gen z needs to toughen up. kamala harris had a bad day not ready for the big time. in hindsight, it's clear to us the message failed to communicate palestinian community members. >> are great. >> is a field of dreams. whatever, great but air lines traveling has been a disaster. Saturday, February 4 On today's episode of 'The Big Saturday Show', the panel reports the U.S military shoots down the Chinese Spy balloon on the coast of South Carolina. they have basically taken a pro- palestinian position within the democratic party and joe biden is afraid of them. TV Archive welcome back to the big saturday show. they've told us the responsible parties this is the most job, it's not a natural disaster. [applause] i just want to say, in february this year, or ruled an unmarried woman cannot travel in gaza without the permission of a male guardian. next. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. The Big Sunday Show (2021- ) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Writing Credits Jacki Thrapp . >> that was wrong to get into the dad's personal life as well as -- he served his country. real impact on americans and by the way, i am with you when you raise the price of propane the state have to cook it on and the wine i drink it with, that is everyday, every week. want to start out with this, we got transportation issues, all of us are frequent flyers, frequent travelers. it's not obviously, just look, here. In January of 2019, Fox & Friends had celebrated 207 months as the No. . about half of young professionals need mental health help in the last year, more than half said they feel that at least once a week and 45% say office life hurt their mental health. our picks for biggest veils of the week i'll go first. no one will pay attention to it but we are paying attention to it. >> the streaker by far had a great day. Florida Fox 13 News Tampa Bay. Your Privacy Choices. we should care. Meanwhile, latest reports show Hunter Biden has an office in President Biden's Wilmington home. here's what's on kat tonight. have done differently given the opportunity looking back in hindsight? , welcome back to the big saturday show, the school district is allowing virginia, getting a lot of attention now that parents expose the critical race theory being talked to the kids. we'll discuss when the big saturday show returns. here's what bill johnson had to say. it's only going to get worse in this era of diversity and inclusion, look at united, 50% of hires are going to be women, we had to lower standards to get there? >> how pervasive at this particular school? >> i have some concerns, we are. more importantly, he's lying which is offensive, flying a black lives matter flag across the world, that's insulting but what hurts the country more than anything else is that there's no attention to the security at the border. The new uniforms will be worn during Thursday home games at UPMC Park (831 French St. KYW-TV (channel 3) is a television station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . parents, students and former students of one new jersey school say something needs to be done about bullying after a girl took her own life days after being attacked in the school. >> evidence says doctor fauci descending gain of function, research and former secretary of state pompeo is attacking biden for essentially ignoring the origin of the coronavirus until now. As part of the changes, many of Fox News Channel's best known daytime anchors will find themselves leading new time slots and shows. >> i'm glad you brought that up because we have kamala harris describing how much she loves buses so let's look at that. we need to slap the wrist. See production, box office & company info. >> i'm excited about electric school buses. welcome back to the big saturday show, president biden may not be ready for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. the number of complaints from flyers jumped six 100%. that's the big concern and they don't seem to care. sleepiness and stomach issues are also common. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. as someone who fights for veterans every single day and it's become close to the community you don't know what they have to go through to serve our country so the fact that they weaponize what he had to do while going away for the country, fight for our freedom, i think it was wrong. The Big Saturday Show (2021- ) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Writing Credits Series Cast Series Produced by Series Music Department Gilde Flores . the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. just crack an egg. >> they are finally showing up but i think it's a little late. Rivera has filled various roles at Fox News as a correspondent and host. high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, weight gain and high cholesterol may occur. This video is playing in picture-in-picture. Log in to comment on videos and join in on the fun. this is not the same situation, joe biden should be there, pete to buttigieg should be there report on this but there are average americans out there watching what's happening on our own soil to these forgotten americans looking at the billions of dollars we send to, ukraine and watching republicans and democrats everyday should tear saying we should send more money and they are thinking but ohio is our backyard and we have nothing we can do for these people? >> mr. president. A new report found that Bongino's show on Saturday night was the most-watched primetime show in all of cable news. >> she clearly thinks she's funny and his leo pointed out she's probably nervous but good day and bad? the search objects over alaska and lake huron. tonight the father of the, 14-year-old girl, adriana kusch beset for the first time on cross country. >> i'm from arizona so i know there's so much work that continues to be done there. She is a breast cancer survivor. however, you can't ignore that secretary mayorkas was being grilled for republicans just this week on the problems of the borders and he said the message stands, the border is closed. straightahead, bill mark calls up the media and influencers were not defending anti-semitic attacks. Sandra joined Fox News in the year 2007 and is one of the hottest Fox News Female Anchors of the channel. okay, three experts. you're all set. we have federal agency designed to keep track of that stuff so we have safe air travel so almost like there's litter up there, who knows -- you would think that was another possible threat. griffin charlie don't miss that it offered right now fox report with jon scott's arts right now. it will drive the american voter and innocent american send, citizen insane. - or the beast. join tens of millions of people making the easy switch by downloading the app today. anything? Log in to comment on videos and join in on the fun. you got to hear exactly first was condemned, anti-semitism like puppy mills in cancer, everybody can get behind. Aired 2-4-23 Saturday, January 28 Panelists Lawrence Jones, Lisa Boothe, Sean Duffy and Gillian Turner discuss the big news of the day. , >> welcome back to the big saturday show. >> i think you will seek bipartisan investigations, this was not in a scale one to ten, seems like this was a one at best but anyway, coming up, the biden administration quietly stops looking for those objects military shot down over alaska at lake huron. she wasn't alone either. i am griff jenkins along with lisa boothe, welcome to the big saturday show the big story tonight, fema finally arriving in east allison ohio two weeks after the toxic trained realm that's causing health problems in the community. >> we have to let china know. >> stick around, influencer tik tok account will be real in a, welcome back to the exam is chauffeured big starting flops. on February 18, 2023, hello, everyone. The Big Saturday Night Show @thebigsaturdaynightshow74 53 subscribers Subscribe The Big Saturday Night Show Home Videos Live Playlists Community Channels About Videos 1:34 A Chicken???? on fox and friends this morning he slammed biden for not taking action sooner. every search you make every click you take i'll be watching you - [narrator] the internet doesn't have to be so creepy, the duckduckgo app, lets you search and browse pria blocking most trackers all forf your search history is never tracked, so it can't be shared. >> i don't think so. Panelists Lawrence Jones, Lisa Boothe, Sean Duffy and Gillian Turner discuss the big news of the day. 'The Big Saturday Show' co-hosts discuss the federal response and health concerns following the Feb. 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.