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Even the sun has a sinking spell each evening. Re: Sunset / Sunrise (or Graffiti) photo spots in San Jose. Combine your trip here with the 16th street stairs its one memorable way to end your day. However, if youre up to the task, the out-and-back will whisk you away to wildflower beds, breathtaking views, and the iconic sign in its majestic poise. Most of these spots are a part of the Best places to fly a drone in the Bay Area too. It is a very relaxing place to visit with your partner, which makes it one of the most romantic things to do in San Jose! A post shared by ALYSSA BROOKE (@missalyssa_brooke). These palm trees add a feeling of summer to all the photos you take here, which is great! You understand that your consent is not a condition of purchase, and that you can opt-out at any time. There are pink elements everywhere! Steep, and very steep stairs if you take the long route up or more steep but tough parking situations if you drive up closer to the viewing sections. Terraced areas wind your path, leading to eucalyptus groves, while rare gray foxes grace you with their presence (pull out your camera, its time for a photoshoot straight from the wild). A post shared by TOSTADAS #2 (@tostadas.midtown). And that's just the beginning, Are you a morning person? A post shared by Francesca Mota (@francesca_mota). A visit to San Jose makes it easy to indulge in authentic flavors and cooking styles from around the globe. These wings are great to stand in front of, such that it looks like the wings are yours! 4. You can find this park in the northern part of the city. That's because the mural is rather large, which makes it difficult to capture the mural from the front. Browse some of the best places to eat in the Bay Area and create your own food crawl through our cultural neighborhoods to sample Vietnamese, Best restaurants in San Jose #1 Negeen Restaurant - Middle Eastern and persian food #2 Nirvana Soul - Vegetarian options food #3 Bertucelli's La Villa Gourmet - Italian and delis food #4 LUNA Mexican Kitchen - The Alameda - Mexican and vegetarian options food Find best places to eat in San Jose Best pubs & bars in San Jose WebThere's plenty of spots along Skyline Blvd and the peninsula ridge where you can see wide vistas of the Peninsula and Bay. But it always rises the next morning. What does it mean to be a Recommended Business? This is a great car to pose in front of! provides a perfect overnight weekend adventure. // Conzelman Road, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Marin Headlands);, Overlooking Tiburon, Ring Mountain is often forgotten, but remains beloved by dog lovers who take their pups here to trail run. Sunrise is the natural sign that the new day has to begin and we should get something good. Do you want to have the beauty of McWay Falls all to yourself? If you feel like this one-of-a-kind locale looks familiar, youve probably seen the helicopter chase scene from Mission Impossible III. See a Movie at CinArts: A Relaxing Romantic Thing to Do in San Jose, 5. Start your trip before sunrise to watch the place come to life with the most magical colors right as you arrive. Instagrammable Colorful Terrace in San Jose, 36. Next to it, you find this lovely alley, which is one of the best photo spots in San Jose for sure! Can anyone suggest where I can watch sunrise in the South Bay? The Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Trail is a strenuous yet rewarding, located in the Inland Empire. The 5,242-acre natural wonder with views of canyons and rock formations make exploring the park an enchanting experience any time of daybut picture how its all better during sunrise. Check your inbox soon for the latest from This makes it immediately clear what the building behind you is all about! Whispers Cafe and Creperie. Also, the pillars are very symmetrical, which looks great in the photos you take here! HAMILTON (San Jose) Ah, the illustrious Mt. It's definitely one of the most unique Instagrammable places in San Jose. These yellow elements add movement to the mural, which looks great! In fact, there are almost 200 different roses in the garden. If you love gorgeous views, this place is definitely one of the best photo spots in San Jose. The High Peaks Trail is a rugged route through the remarkable rock features of Pinnacles National Monument, formed millions of years ago. So choose a movie with your partner and have a very romantic time here! With a rich past just waiting to be explored, these nine San Jose Landmarks will intrigue all the visitors to the area. Los Gatos Creek Trail 337 Hiking Quite a 5 Can't-Miss Riverside Art and Culture Destinations. The trail to the summit is well groomed and super easy to follow. // 5755 McBryde Ave (Richmond), at the top of the Clark-Boas Trail;, Unlike many of the places on this list, this spot doesn't require any climbing. What's great is that you can find a lot of different shows at this place. It's the largest city in Northern California and you can find it in Santa Clara Valley. People also searched for these in San Jose: What are people saying about hiking in San Jose, CA? Also, the colors at this spot are lovely. Bishop Peaks rocky crown, shaped a little like a bishops mitre, provides panoramic vistas of San Luis Obispo and nearby parks. At K-Caf Patisserie & Tea House you find this lovely mural. The San Jose Center for the Performing Arts is great for taking photos! That's because there are beautiful store displays, like this one. It is also the site of Cesar Chavez. You find this colorful mural at the San Jose Learning Center. You can see here white letters surrounded by a red gradient, which is beautiful! Tank Hill 3. Bring a friend, some water, and revel in the beauty of this iconic spot. Located about 20 minutes away from San Jose, Castle Rock State Park is also an awesome spot to see the sunrise in California. At ultra-modern Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, youll come face-to-face with Space Observer, a 28-foot/7.9-meter-high white-and-chrome robot that waves its propeller-tipped wings while its cameras track your movements through the airport mezzanine. It is great that you can relax at the same time during this wonderful experience! Every day, a million miracles begin at sunrise. One of the best rides is the Gold Striker, which is a wooden roller coaster. You can stand in front of one of the walls where you can see the name of the restaurant "Tostadas". This sight is best experienced at dawn, when the shades of blue, pink, purple, and red paint the skytalk about. You already know that the walk up the wooden steps to the top of Tank Hill, near Twin Peaks, promises epic city views over the tops of all those Victorian houses. Also, it is a great place to add the color purple to your feed! You find here a lot of different stores, which makes it perfect for a few hours of shopping! The sky has a beautiful color when it first shows up in the morning! You can go here for broadway musicals, all kinds of dance shows, and more! Youre in the right spot. The 15 Best Places for Sunsets in San Jose The 15 Best Places for Sunsets in San Jose Created by Foursquare Lists Published On: February 11, 2023 1. What's great as well is that the letters of the words feature some of the city's highlights, which is awesome! The colorful sculpture makes it one of the best photo spots in San Jose. and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from about news, events, offers, and partner promotions. Follow this if you want to find more about the best. It's like a 25 min drive but it's a fun drive. Then go to The Garden Spa. Do a Romantic Hike at Alum Rock Park in San Jose, 4. This is a mountain that you can find close to the city of San Jose. Theres something magical about watching the darkness dramatically illuminate the sky over Californias landscapes. The climb to the peak of Corona Heights is minimal compared to the reward of watching sunbeams spill over the buildings of the city below. 2. It is the perfect way to appear on your own postcard! showcases the beauty of dawn at 8,300 feet above sea level. The many decorations make this a wonderful place for taking Instagram photos! This is one of the most romantic things to do in San Jose for sure! Also, you can take both photos from the side and from the front. Above Livermore, near Mendenhall Road, you can get a great view of the sun as it rises over hills. Above Livermore (Mendenhall Road, Just stop at the arrow sign filled with buckshot holes!). Lake Merritt is easily one of the top East Bay sunset spots. A post shared by Kirstie Chan (@kfclovesyou). // 808 Seal Pointe Dr (Redwood City);, You know Hawk Hill as the spot for ogling the Golden Gate Bridge; but wouldn't that view be so much prettier at sunup? Also, when taking photos here, consider wearing something grey to fit in! Another one of the most romantic things to do in San Jose is watching a movie. This is great text for photos. Santana Row is another great place if you want to go shopping in San Jose. We are willing to drive and/or hike to a good spot and probably prefer something remote on a hilltop. Yes, Im talking about Ocean Beach. While this trail is best for advanced hikers, exploring this trail is worthwhile when you see the sky light up in pretty pinks and peaches. 2. WebSEE ALSO: 6 Best Places to See Sunset in San Francisco 1. The red color of the letters stands out in comparison to the black and dark background! Best Places to Visit in Michigan This Year (2022), Canyon Falls & Gorge (Grand Canyon of MI). If you prefer backcountry over beach views, head over to Little Pine Mountain. You find here lots of rides and attractions. Youll be rewarded with an ethereal surprise: thousands of ladybugs chillin on remaining snowy patches. Furthermore, the color of the pillars is very beautiful and elegant! . WebAmong the top attractions of the national park is Yosemite Falls, the magnificent Fall that is the highest in the park visible from almost anywhere. The cost of living is very high. Another lovely thing about the mural is the color of the wall. For another one of the most Instagrammable places in San Jose go to Tostadas Midtown. Insider tip: grab a Mai Tai from Trader Vics before the sun sets and stroll along the waterfront path before the bridge lights up in front of you. WebThese are just eight of the many beaches that are worth getting up early for to watch the sunrise. This variety is lovely to explore with your partner! Eastridge Mall is the perfect place if you want to go shopping when you are in San Jose. A post shared by Santana Row (@santanarow). Mostly shaded , although the views are missing too 4. This allows you to do some sitting poses! The City Hall Rotunda is a great industrial building in the city of San Jose. You might even be inspired to hike one of the trails after watching the magical San Jose sunrise. Here are the best spots in Chi-Town to catch the sunrise: 1. What's great is that you can sit on the terrace when taking photos here! A fun way to pose here is when you hold some roses yourself. Home > United States > 16 Most Romantic Things To Do in San Jose, CA: San Jose Date Ideas. What's great is that you can find here both large brands and small boutique shops! Tamalpais aka Mt. For a place with one of the most beautiful nature in San Jose, go to the Japanese Friendship Garden! This place is perfect if you love flowers. This terrace is one of the prettiest photo spots in San Jose for sure. Those who live in the Mission/ Bernal Heights Area will love frequenting this spot. Furthermore, it is great to see the sunrise, as this looks very beautiful. The Communication Hills Grand Staircase is another one of the best photo spots in San Jose. Web1. You might even catch sight of a rare California condor soaring through the skies above as you hike this trail. At 10,068 feet above sea level, it serves as a snow-covered backdrop for much of the year. Sunset-times. This makes it possible to do all kinds of sitting poses! : Bishop Peak Natural Area, San Luis Obispo, Searching for a spectacular Central Coast. They are very simple, which is great if you want to take neutral photos! Whether you choose to stroll down the pier or lay back on the sand, youll get to watch the sun peeking through the palm trees with the waves crashing in the background. Do, If you prefer backcountry over beach views, head over to Little Pine Mountain. Hunter's Point in Fremont Older open space preserve will give you a good east-facing view of the valley. Nature lovers flock to this snow-capped peak, ready to experience divinity on one of Californias best sunrise hiking trails. grab a Mai Tai from Trader Vics before the sun sets and stroll along the waterfront path before the bridge lights up in front of you. Go For A Romantic Stroll at the Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose, 3. You might even be inspired to hike one of the trails after watching the magical, Located about 20 minutes away from San Jose, Castle Rock State Park is also an awesome spot to. San Jose is a lovely city in the state of California. It is a very bright shade of blue that lets you take very colorful photos here! But make sure to stick around and bid the sun adieu as well, ideally as you reach towards the top of the Ferris wheel. Another lovely thing about this place is the plants and trees you can see here. Whether its the whisperingly pale blushes and blues coloring the night skies, the dancing shadows highlighting the natural beauty of our planet, or the birds waking us up with beautiful melodies at dawn, watching the, Meditate, have a moment of self-reflection, take photos, or maybe just share a few minutes in peace with your loved ones by your side at the. Hike up a fire road stretching all the way to Baldy Notch. Meditate, have a moment of self-reflection, take photos, or maybe just share a few minutes in peace with your loved ones by your side at the best place to see the sunrise in the Golden State. Below, you can find the most romantic things to do in San Jose! Watch a Movie at the West Wind Capitol Drive-in, 13. Here you go. Location: Angeles National Forest, Mount Baldy, Parking: Available at Ice House Canyon Trailhead. Bernal Heights Park is a low-key gem on this list. Millions of daffodils + 80,000 tulips are blooming at Filoli this spring. Also for dozens of other cities. Besides the view, you also find delicious food at the restaurant. But college students aren't known to be early birds, so you'll find peace and quiet in the a.m. // 950 Indian Rock Ave (Berkeley);, Lesser known, the East Bay's Wildcat Canyon Park has unforgettable views from the summit with an added bonus of an excellent morning hike. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hi there! At this place, you can attend a show, but you can also only take photos here. Sunrise on Quail Lake Flckr/Rennett Stowe 2. The interior of the theater is very stylish. is best experienced right by the crashing waves. : Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley, Engulfed in rustic perfection, the Stonewall Panoramic Trail is the best. Saving grace from monotonous hike. What's great is that it is at Santana Row, where you can also find another romantic thing to do in San Jose! There are several murals that each are great for taking pictures! The Garden Spa is a lovely spa with many wellness treatments. What's great too is the garden in front of it. The color green and the blue color of the sky look awesome together! You can find the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in downtown San Jose. Bring your camera so you can catch the coastal fog lingering on the hillsides or shoot your shot directed at Stinson beach. Here you can see this amazing mural that features wings. It is especially a great place if you want to capture the color green. Whatever you decide to do, be prepared to sink into a state of pure bliss like youve never felt before. A subreddit dedicated to San Jos, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Of course, with the San Francisco Bay, you can never be sure if the fog will ruin the view. San Pedro Square Market is a place where you can find many food vendors. That way you can take the best photos here! Thanks. A beautiful However, the views from the backside of the island facing the the bridge are excellent and if you dont mind walking or briefly stopping (illegally in the center of the road), the overhead tunnel view shot is majestic. The mural has the text "Greetings from San Jose" on it, which looks great! Relax Together at the Japanese Friendship Garden, 15. The name speaks for itself at Grandview Park. You understand that your consent is not a condition of purchase, and that you can opt-out at any time. Drive up to the vista point on hwy 35/page mill for the sunrise, the view faces sort of east so you can see the whole bay and the sun rise. Ham, I see tons of people watching the sunrise. For one of the best places in the city of San Jose for a romantic dinner, go to Le Papillon. Hamilton Road (California Route 130) winds its way up to the ridges summit. Also, the photo spots in San Jose are incredible. You can witness a stunning sunrise Also, going here for a relaxing stroll is very romantic! Find gigantic sycamores and brooks to enjoy panoramic views of Hollywood and beyond as the sun rises in Los Angeles and over the surrounding valleys. This venue is great if you want to have tea when you are in the city of San Jose. Fern Canyon is a surrealistic and amazing display of primal ferns growing in a narrow 50-foot-deep vertical walled canyon. There are 13 miles (or 21 kilometers) of trails at Alum Rock Park, which is great! Location: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Orick. 25 tips and reviews, 525 W Santa Clara St (at N Autumn St), San Jose, CA, 1125 Coleman Ave (at Newhall Dr), San Jose, CA, 355 Santana Row (at Olin Ave.), San Jose, CA. Also, there are palm trees in the background that give your photos a feeling of summer, which is great! Relatively easy access and spacious room make it an ideal area to have a sunset picnic or lounge on the waterfront grass. By mini. 1. Thanks for signing up. Trek this rugged route to find geological features dotting the national park, formed millions of years ago when the San Andreas Fault shattered a volcano. A post shared by JOANA KAIMI (@joanakaimi). If youre in Oakland, Lake Merritt is a must stop for sunrise or sunset. Observe the glorious phenomenon as the sun rays slip through the cracks between the trees and houses to light up the Cahuenga and surrounding valleys. Ive been traveling for years and I decided to start this blog to help you do the same in Europe, the United States, and beyond. This city is being over run with crime and gangs. For example, you can stand in front of a large palm tree here. The phenomenon brings happiness, new hope, and peace. A post shared by Destini G. (@destinigia). What's better than enjoying a fun show together with your partner during a romantic date night in San Jose? Nature lovers flock to this snow-capped peak, ready to experience divinity on one of Californias best. So there's definitely something in the city you'll love for photography! Reserve opens at 7 am (Not at sunrise). Now, that's a blessing. 20. You can see here the logo of the coffee shop! The terrace of K-Caf Patisserie & Tea House is great to capture as well. These white wings are great for taking Instagram photos. Whether youre seeking a day-long hiking rendezvous, an overnight ascent, or the trek of a lifetime, Mount Whitney is the place to be. WebNorth San Jose; Rose Garden; Santana Row; South San Jose; The Alameda; West San Jose; Willow Glen; Restaurants; Hotels; Meet. Tucked away in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Fern Canyon should make it onto every cinephile's itinerary. During this, you'll enjoy a very relaxing massage next to your partner. Santana Row is one of the best places in San Jose for shopping. Whether you want to be very active or relax with your partner, there are many options. As the sun rises, this NorCal trail begins to hold more promise than ever before. The skies over Santa Teresa County Park are beautiful any time of day, but theyre especially mesmerizing right after dawn. This is one of the best San Jose Instagram spots for sure! Discover the best of California. You can see many of the houses from up here! I definitely recommend going here when you are doing a trip to the city! WebFound in Downtown San Jose, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is a magnificent structure thats a registered California Historical Landmark. You find this next one of the most Instagrammable places in San Jose at Myth Taverna & Lounge. Baker Beach provides visitors with one of the most iconic Golden Gate Bridge shots. For the lucky people who own boats, taking in a sunset from the water is an unreal experience. , theres no other sunrise hike wed rather go on. A post shared by (@pennynpennyn).